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SucceedSmart Unveils Generative AI Tool for Crafting Unbiased, Accomplishment-Based Job Descriptions Within Minutes

Flawed Job Descriptions Cost Companies Top Talent and Hinder Diversity Efforts

Los Altos, CA – Sound familiar? When a company re­cognizes the nee­d for a new role or replace­ment, the process of de­fining that position begins. Sometimes, te­am members may search the­ internet for inspiration from various sources, re­sulting in a job description that combines responsibilitie­s from multiple roles. This well-inte­ntioned effort then re­aches the hiring manager and is either poste­d to attract applicants or given to external firms to start the search.

At the heart of the matter lies this concern: an inadequately crafted job description can introduce unintended biases. More than that, it sends everyone on a misguided hunt for talent, squandering precious time, energy, effort, and money, let alone keeping a leadership position open for longer.

Enter SucceedSmart. Recognized for its AI-driven executive search platform, which matches talent based on accomplishments and experience, SucceedSmart identifies the flaws inherent in job description creation as the root of many hiring issues. To address this, SucceedSmart proudly unveils Taylor, a generative AI platform currently in Beta, designed to innovate creating and vetting job descriptions.

“Job descriptions are the starting point of any hiring process. If they’re flawed, everything that follows can be skewed,” remarks Sanjay Sathe, Founder and CEO of SucceedSmart. “Our new tool, Taylor, either crafts a fresh, unbiased job description that’s accomplishment-focused, or reviews an existing one, flagging biases and recommending essential changes.”

For instance, Taylor might identify terms like “young and enthusiastic,” suggesting alternatives to avoid age bias. Gender-specific pronouns and language potentially deterring candidates with disabilities are also flagged, ensuring companies maintain an inclusive hiring approach.

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In a world where­ inclusivity is expected, Taylor offe­rs an invaluable solution to the hiring process, prioritizing fairne­ss and accuracy. Seamless integrated with the SucceedSmart platform, Taylor ensures impeccable executive matches. 

Experience Taylor’s transformative potential first hand reach out to us at taylor@succeedsmart.com

About SucceedSmart

SucceedSmart is an award-winning executive recruiting platform that leverages proprietary and patent pending artificial intelligence and a unique, privacy-centric approach to match executives with organizations. Committed to diversity and transparency, SucceedSmart removes inefficiencies and inflated costs common in traditional job boards and recruiting methods. To learn more about SucceedSmart, visit www.succeedsmart.com.

Contact: pr@succeedsmart.com

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