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Deel Dominates, Microsoft Dumps & Redbox Dies

This week, the boys are covering a ton of news. Hackajob impresses, while Axel Springer is considering spinning off its digital classifieds division, which includes StepStone and Aviv Group. Deel keeps winning with its latest acquisition of Hofy, while Lattice’s decision to treat AI agents as employees fell flat with Netizens. DEI took a big hit with the disbanding of Microsoft’s diversity and inclusion team and SHRM deleting “equity” from its messaging. Plus, how do you take your Skyline Chili?


00:00 – Introduction

05:13 – Hackajob’s new AI integration 

06:55 – Richard Simmons Tribute

08:36 – Free Stuff

10:59 – RecFest Announcement

12:21 – Redbox Liquidation


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Real AI Recruiting Use Cases with Adam Gordon

Companies are hearing all of the efficiencies they can enjoy by using large language models (LLM) but have no clue where to start. Luckily, Adam Gordon, cofounder at Poetry, can answer some of those questions for TA leaders and recruiters while Chad & Cheese can attest to LLMs integrated into podcasting platforms. If you’re new to LLMs, and using solutions like ChatGPT, or you’re a seasoned pro, this episode is for you.

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Give People What They Want with Angela Cheng-Cimini

In this episode, the boys interview Angela Cheng-Cimini, the CHRO at Harvard Business Publishing, about hyper-individualization in the workplace. They discuss the importance of meeting employees where they are and providing a personalized employee experience. They also explore the impact of COVID-19 on workplace flexibility and the shift towards remote work. The conversation covers topics such as pay transparency, career progression, and the role of managers in shaping the employee experience. Angela emphasizes the need for organizations to adapt to the changing expectations of employees and create a culture of belonging and growth.


00:00 – Introduction and Welcome

03:00 – Hyper Individualization:

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LinkedIn Ad Performance Face-Off

In this episode, the boys discuss various topics including LinkedIn ad performance, Google’s facial recognition technology, and the rise of AI-powered relationships. They explore the effectiveness of LinkedIn ads compared to other platforms like LinkedIn and X, highlighting the superior targeting, reach, and quality of ads on Meta platforms. Start-up Quantum Rise looks to take advantage of the growing trend of companies needing help figuring out AI technologies and onboarding them all in a smart way. The conversation then shifts to the ethical implications of facial recognition technology – highlighting Google doing it to their employees – with concerns about

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AI’s Future in Talent Acquisition from a Rainy Scottish Beach

In this episode, Chad and Cheese, joined by Matt Alder, brave the typical Scottish weather from the comfort of a van parked on North Berwick Beach. The appalling weather and fog set the scene for a hilariously insightful discussion on the future of talent acquisition. Expect plenty of snark as they navigate topics like AI’s inevitable takeover, the rapid pace of tech evolution, and why you should never trust two American whiskey fans with a 14th-century spiral staircase.

They also humorously lament the state of recruitment tech, with Joel dreaming of a pub on the infamous Bass Rock (spoiler: there isn’t

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Whiskey and Résumés: A Match Made in Hell

On this special episode, The Chad & Cheese team up with our pal and fellow podcaster Matt Alder, who, in true Scooby-Doo fashion, rented a camper van for our East Coast tour. First stop? Glenkinchie Distillery in the Scottish Lowlands. Because, of course, in Scotland the best way to start the day is with some whiskey.

After the tour we whip out the mics and dive into a Tru Glasgow briefing, topics like whether resumes are finally six feet under, upskilling, kids deciding their careers (because they totally know what they want), and whether the US and Europe are finally sharing

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CareerBuilder Monster Merger

They boys are talkin’ CareerBuilder and Monster merging this week. The deal is expected to close in Q3 and is subject to regulatory approvals. This merger comes as both companies have faced challenges in recent years, with CareerBuilder being sold off in pieces by Apollo and Monster struggling to revive its brand under Randstad’s guidance. It remains to be seen how this merger will impact the job board industry and the competition with Indeed, LinkedIn and others.

They also talk about Phenom’s acquisition of Tidy and its implications for the applicant tracking system space. The conversation then shifts to LinkedIn’s new

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Llama Drama: WorkLLama’s AI Revolution

Yeah, we know. WorkLlama is a dumb name for a company. But Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name would still smell OK,” or something like that (English lit wasn’t really our thing), so let’s dig into the business with Sugandan Dinakaran, VP of Product at WorkLlama. Turns out, WorkLlama promises to do a lot of the heavy lifting for your recruiting strategies. We’re talkin’ marketing, acquisition, engagement, scheduling and more, and they’ve raised $50 million so they must be doing something right. Added bonus: The name is explained, and like it or not, it does make sense.

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The Revolution of Work: FUCK the Patriarchy

Anessa Fike, author of The Revolution of Work, F!ck the Patriarchy, discusses her book and the need to dismantle the current systems in the workplace. She shares her journey into fractional HR and explains that fractional work allows organizations to have experts on a part-time basis at a fraction of the cost. Anessa talks about her decision to write the book and her choice of title, emphasizing the need for an uprising and the dismantling of patriarchal elements in society. She hopes that the book will empower those who already think this way and encourage conversations about change. The conversation

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Indeed Traffic Woes, TechWolf Howls, & FairNow Impresses

This week, the boys discuss recent excursions in Asia and Europe, as well as recent industry news. They cover topics such as the decline in job postings, the acquisition of Textkernel by Bullhorn, the rebranding of StepStone, and the funding of TechWolf and FairNow. The conversation also touches on the importance of AI in the recruitment industry and the trend towards skills-based hiring. In this conversation, Chad and Joel discuss various topics including skills-based hiring, AI governance software, the decline in traffic for job search engine Indeed, the car industry’s trends, and the use of AI assistants in financial advising.

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StepStone’s Rebrand: Fresh Look or Lipstick on a Pig?

Join Chad and Lieven in this week’s episode as they dive into Europe’s hottest tech news. With Joel savoring Singaporean street food, the duo tackles LinkedIn’s new AI career coaches and the impact of Bullhorn acquiring Text Kernel on the recruitment industry. They explore Revolut’s surprising move into HR tech with Revolut People, discussing potential privacy concerns and market implications.

Lieven passionately defends traditional brewing against AI enhancements in Belgian beer, while Chad shares his excitement. They also critique StepStone’s recent rebranding efforts and their potential impact on the company’s future.

Tune in for a lively discussion on AI, recruitment tech, and

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Firing Squad: Talk’n’Job’s Markus Krampe

Automating the application process is pretty popular these days. From companies like Paradox to Humanly and others, allowing job seekers to submit their information by tapping a screen or talking into a phone is becoming big business. Then along comes Germany-based Talk’n’Job who believe they’ve built a better mousetrap, and they’ve even won a competition that says they just might. CEO Markus Krampe joins the boys in a lively Q&A to get to the bottom of things and whether or not Talk’n’Job has what it takes to compete on a grand scale. Do they survive the Firing Squad? Gotta listen.


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Bullhorn Strikes Back at Indeed

In this episode of the Chad and Cheese podcast, Chad and guest Joel Lalgee tackle everything from Euro 2024 and upcoming events to the staffing world being rocked by Indeed. Nvidia is now king of the public companies, and Bullhorn just gobbled up TextKernel. They jabber about AI in recruiting and retail, including McDonald’s drive-through robots and retail’s eternal misery with low pay and turnover. Buckle up for a snarky dive into the future of work!

00:01:00 – Special Guest Introduction

00:03:30 – Euro 2024 Soccer Talk

00:06:30 – Shoutouts and Upcoming Events

00:11:00 – RecFest Insights

00:14:30 – Indeed Launches into Staffing

00:20:00 –

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