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HSA and Cosmetic Surgery: FAQs | BerniePortal

Yes, you can use a health savings account, or HSA, for cosmetic surgery, but only in specific circumstances as outlined by your insurance and medical requirements.  
For example, some cosmetic surgeries, like some types of dental work, can be covered by HSA funds. However, an elective aesthetic surgery that does not determine the quality of life may not fly with a medical insurance provider. 
MANY medical expenses qualify for HSA spending or reimbursement, but the line is not always so clear regarding cosmetic procedures and treatments. So, which treatments or surgeries can you use an HSA on, and are there limitations? Let’s cover all your HSA and cosmetic procedure FAQs.

How HR at SMBs Can Support Employees Through Mental Health Struggles

If you work at an SMB without mental health support resources, you may feel limited in seeking a solution to your workforce’s mental health struggles. As a result, employees are not getting the support they need. May is Mental Health Awareness Month. In honor of this month, we interviewed Kevin Lee from MindClub America to learn more about how HR at SMBs can support their workforce through mental health struggles. MindClub America is a behavioral health organization focused on helping employees achieve mental fitness. 

Top 10 Small-Scale Office Perks

According to the KPMG 2023 CEO Outlook, 64% of business leaders believe there will be a total return to office in three years. This may play out differently for organizations that use hybrid and remote work opportunities as a primary edge in the war for talent. However, if returning to the office is inevitable, organizational leaders will need to do things differently– and better– to not only attract new talent, but also retain current talent.